Great Forensic Gift Ideas

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The aim of this page is to provide a comprehensive inventory of the best forensic gift ideas around.

I've teamed up with online retailers like the discovery channel, cafepress and Amazon in order to showcase and review the very best of their forensic gift collections.

I hope this will save you time and money looking for the perfect gift for the forensic fan that has just about everything.

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The Ultimate Forensic Gift

Discovery Channel Forensic Gifts

Whodunit? Forensics Lab from Discovery

Whodunit? Forensics Lab from Discovery

This complete, at-home forensics lab teaches the science of fighting crime.

Crimetime DVD

Crimetime DVD

Follow the real-life events of an actual murder investigation that rocked the small community of Lawrenceville, Illinois. 50 minutes.

Whodunit? New Cases from Discovery

Whodunit? New Cases from Discovery

These four, intriguing new cases challenge the forensic skills of Whodunit? players.

Unsolved History: Forensics in the White House DVD

Unsolved History: Forensics in the White House DVD

Unravel the mysteries behind some of the most high-profile deaths and assassination attempts in the White House. 50 minutes.

Crime Scene Investigation Gift Range

This funky crime scene investigation design is available on a range of T-Shirts, Tracksuits, Hoodies and other great gift idea products which can all be purchased online via an officially registered CafePress Store.

All sale proceeds go towards the hosting costs associated with the All About Forensic Psychology website, thereby helping to safeguard its continued production and development.

If you would like to take a look at the crime scene investigation gift range, you can do so via the following link.

Crime Scene Investigation Gift Range

Amazon Forensic Gifts

Court TV: Forensic Files DVD:

A series featuring detailed accounts on how notable crimes and diseases were solved through forensic science.

In addition to traditional investigative techniques, police have increasingly come to utilize laboratory analysis to solve crimes.

This program re-enacts cases from all around America in which forensic scientists have used their expertise to find and examine evidence that would have previously been undetectable. Through their hard work, criminals have been brought to justice who would otherwise have remained free.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: PC Game:

CSI is a mystery adventure game that follows the format of the CSI show. You collect evidence, head to the lab, visit the morgue and so on. You scrutinize the game's screens, looking for evidence or areas that may contain hidden clues. You can use Luminal to find blood traces, you can dust for prints, and you can use the sniffer to get gas samples.

CSI offers five quality storylines, each of which would feel at home on the show. While you don’t get to fill the shoes of one of the show's well-known characters, you do get to work with each of them as you progress along the CSI investigative chain. Show characters join you to provide hints and help you establish the motive, means, and opportunity needed to determine and catch the bad guy.

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