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In recent years the discipline of Forensic Psychology and related topics such as offender profiling have been the subject of a whole host of books, films and television series. However, despite its continued coverage and popular profile very few people get to study the topic in depth. One of the main reasons for putting this website together, therefore, was to the make the academic study of forensic psychology much more accessible.

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Before you leave, don't forget to check out the great free stuff page. This page showcases a hand-picked collection of the very best academic and Internet resources available. Among the excellent things you can get hold of for absolutely nothing is The Student's Guide to APA Psychology. This brilliant free software download shows you how to document and format research papers in the style of the American Psychological Association.

Click Here To Visit The Great Free Stuff Page.

I put this page together as a way of saying thanks for visiting and hopefully recommending my forensic psychology website.

All the very best

David Webb BSc (hons), MSc

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