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Coventry University (UK)

Coventry University (UK):

Master of Science in Forensic Psychology & Crime

The Forensic Psychology and Crime MSc degree is an online forensic psychology course accredited by the British Psychological Society. The course provides a thorough grounding in the theory and practical skills central to the application of psychological research into behaviour in crime and forensic settings.

This course will give you a unique opportunity to study an area of applied psychology at a distance, using our high-quality and interactive web-based learning methods, whilst being able to take advantage of two short residential schools.

The course runs January-December, with residential periods of four days in the June of Years 1 and 2. All students must attend the University for induction at the start of the course in order to meet their fellow students, the course team, and to familiarise themselves with our online learning methods and materials.

Click Here For Full Details of The Master of Science in Forensic Psychology & Crime.

University of North Dakota

Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology :

The University of North Dakota's Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology online program prepares you to apply psychology to legal systems. It emphasizes how to relate psychological evaluations to the criminal justice and social service systems.

UND's high-quality forensic psychology course gives you:

  • Knowledge of advanced psychological concepts and theories
  • Outstanding analytical, Statistical and evaluation skills
  • Skills needed to function effectively in forensic settings
  • Understanding of the roles forensic psychologists play
  • The program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge you need to work in the field of forensic psychology, including how to:

  • Assist lawyers in trial preparation and jury selection
  • Assist courts and state agencies in addressing forensic issues
  • Select instruments for forensic assessment or evaluation
  • Testify as an expert witness
  • Provide agencies with research-based program evaluations
  • Click Here For Full Details of The Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology Online Program.

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