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University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Psychology (Criminal Justice Option):

The psychology/criminal justice option combines the insights of human behavior with educational career preparation in the field of criminal justice. The enriched curriculum thus provided is intended for students seeking to expand their knowledge base regarding our criminal justice system and its philosophy, for students seeking careers in law enforcement and corrections, as well as for students considering graduate work in the social sciences professions.

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Fleming College (Canada)

Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic Minds:

What makes a psychopath tick? Are they born that way, or are they products of society? Are serial killers really possessed with evil, or do they know exactly what they are doing? In this course, students will study how and why some individuals become criminals and why some actually become killers.

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Independent Colleges (Ireland)

Diploma in Criminal and Forensic Psychology:

Thinkers and researchers in the human sciences have always had an interest in deviant behaviour in individuals. Countless theories and beliefs have been proposed to explain the "criminal personality" and, more recently, the tools of psychological research have been applied within criminal justice systems worldwide to aid in the apprehension and understanding of those who break the law.

This course will address the various theories presented by criminology and criminal psychology, along with a thorough exploration of the world of forensic psychology. Using real-life examples, we will examine how the forensic psychologist aids the police services in areas such as offender profiling, suspect interviewing and research.

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Mount Aloysius College, PA, USA

Criminology Psychology Graduate Certificate:

This graduate certificate program is designed for those individuals who are currently or intend to become employed within a criminal justice field and whose duties will entail frequent interaction with criminal offenders.

Students may also use this program as a basis to continue their education through master's level programs or law school. Students may complete the course work in this program either as a free-standing certificate delivered entirely online or as as part of the College's existing graduate program in in corrections administration.

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University of Portsmouth (UK)

MSc Criminology And Criminal Psychology:

This programme of studies is designed to develop students’ understanding of criminological theories of offending and the extent of crime whilst providing an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the application of criminological principles to criminal justice agencies. Specifically, the programme aims to develop students’ understanding of the psychology of various types of offending behaviour, providing an opportunity for students to discover how psychological research informs practice within a range of criminal justice agencies.

This award is aimed at those with an interest in criminology and psychology. In particular, the course would be of interest for those wanting to examine how the science of psychology can further our understanding of offending behaviour, and how psychological knowledge is utilised in improving policing, and victim services, as well as those working with offenders in order to reduce re-offending.

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