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Welcome to the All About Forensic Psychology Guestbook page. Any feedback you have would be gratefully received.

Whether it's just to say hello, to comment about a specific forensic psychology topic area, suggest what else you think should be included on the site, or anything else related to the wonderful world of forensic psychology, I'd love to hear from you.

Simply e-mail your message and I'll post it on this page as soon as possible. 

All the very best

David Webb BSc (hons), MSc

Guestbook Messages

Name: Nyaradzai Gumanyonje

From: Zimbabwe

Date: 11th January 2018

"Thank you for this informative site."

Name: Glenda Mupita

From: Zimbabwe

Date: 12th April 2017

"I'm glad to have found this site. I'm an aspiring forensic psychologist and I'm currently searching for universities offering Masters in Forensic psychology."

Name: Shernel Alford

From: United States

Date: 7th January 2017

"I am an aspiring forensic psychologist. Here browsing for opportunities that will enable my dream a reality"

Name: Shamille

From: United Kingdom

Date: 23rd October 2016

"I have bookmarked this site straight away! Full of information and easy to use, just about to start an online criminal phsychology diploma and i know this site will help it, thankyou! Hey from Lancashire,England."

Name: Clemencia Ncube

From: Zimbabwe

Date: 28th June 2016

"I am an aspiring forensic psychologist and this page will be of help."

Name: Sue Burdett Robinson

From: United States

Date: 2nd January 2016

"I love this website! I am a counseling professor with a Master degree in Criminal Justice and a doctorate in Counseling. I worked in the Texas prison system for 10 years. I will be teaching a Forensic Psychology class this Spring and wanted to give the students some practical application opportunities in forensic work. I will use some of the Murder Mystery stories. Thanks!"

Name: Mary Vanderzeyde

From: United States

Date: 2nd December 2015

"I am looking forward to starting my Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology in February. I was very happy to find this page. There is a lot of interesting information available on here. Thank you for sharing it."

Name: Adyn Noorlun

From: United States

Date: 18th November 2015

"I have to write a report and this website helped me a lot! Thank you!"

Name: Kaela Munson

From: United States

Date: 20th September 2015

"Hello. I checked out your website to find some information for my psychology course project on psychology careers. This site helped me a lot. Thanks!"

Name: Andrew Estrada

From: United States

Date: 24th June 2015

"I honestly appreciate this website so much for information and motivation to continue my education. I'm currently looking to go to graduate school and forensic psychology is my focus. I'd like to thank this site for that."

Name: Amanda Barsby

From: South Africa

Date: 23rd June 2015

"Thank you for a very informative website. I have a lot of reading to do."

Name: Melissa Groth

From: United States

Date: 26th April 2015

"I am a forensic psychology student working toward a future PsyD. Thank you for this website, it has been a valuable resource."

Name: Randy Lowther

From: United States

Date: 28th March 2015

"Just a layman.....but love the opportunity to actually learn something about this field of study. Thanks!"

Name: Jane

From: United States

Date: 17th February 2015

"This helped me find out what I want to do."

Name: Macy Drake

From: United States

Date: 5th February 2015

"Thanks for all the information on your site! I'm hoping to pursue a career in forensic psychology, and this has been extremely useful to me. Keep up the good work!"

Name: Bailey Boofkin

From: United States

Date: 7th January 2015

"Thank you, you proved my awful dream crushing friend wrong! I really enjoyed the information and I'm hoping I can be helpful in this field in the helped me know that it isn't impossible and I can't wait to see what becomes of me...I wish to help as many people as I can and to be as useful as possible."

Name: Benediction Kufakunesu

From: Zimbabwe

Date: 20th September 2014

"Thank you for this informative site."

Name: JoAnn Faris

From: United States

Date: 2nd September 2014

"Thanks for the interesting information. I love studying this area of psychology for my own personal interest. Love your websites."

Name: Jhona Huntingdon

From: United States

Date: 22nd January 2014

"So glad to find this site. I was working on my bachelor's psychology degree at CUNY but got sidelined by health issues. Hoping to finish (only about 8 credits left). I was then thinking about going to John Jay. In your opinion what is the best campus to get a master's or higher in this field in NYC. Due to ongoing health issues, I might have to use online college, are any really good? Starting to visit this site often. Love forensics, seems best way to get to certain undeniable truths. great site!"

Name: Lisabeth Molose

From: United States

Date: 3rd November 2013

"Great web-site"

Name: Alex Alanis

From: United States

Date: 30th October 2013

"Currently I am a Grad student majoring in forensic psychology. I wanted to congratulate you on such a thorough and informative website. Keep up the good work and thank you!"

Name: Roxana

From: United States

Date: 6th October 2013

"Working towards a degree in forensic psychology. More specifically Prison psychology. I needed a bit of help constructing my research paper. Your article was clear, concise and to the point. Thanks so much for the help. ^_^"

Name: Olivia Szlachta

From: United States

Date: 4th October 2013

"Hello, I am a forensic psychology student and your website is awesome! It makes it easier to start any research project since it's hard to look anywhere else since forensic psychology is fairly new. Thank you!"

Name: Daryl Anderson

From: United States

Date: 10th September 2013

"This is a wonderland of information for a mystery writer. The information is clear and accessible. Thank you!"

Name: Dr. Joe Davis

From: United States

Date: 27th August 2013

"I read out of curiosity your info on Psychological Autopsies. I've conducted about 30 of these in my career. Can be controversial...typically referred when an insurance question arises from a death investigation and if someone's death is wrongfully certified in a questionable/equivocable death case, i.e., AE cases. Good luck to you and your readers!

Dr. J. Davis, San Diego."

Name: Theresa Willett

From: United States

Date: 20th July 2013

"I think this is an awesome site to learn lots of information in forensic psychology. I just found this site when looking for information to do my Capstone project. It has helped me tremendously. I am at the end of my graduate program but I bookmarked your site on my Mac to continue learning. I believe it will also help my mental health career. I just told my family to spread the word. This is superb!"

Name: Amber Olvera

From: United States

Date: 18th July 2013

"Love this site! Thank you for doing all this and making it accessible for everyone!"

Name: James Herndon

From: United States

Date: 16th July 2013

"I teach Forensic Psychology at Saint Leo University on campus, and for Argosy University and Walden University online. Your website is an excellent resource for students and faculty alike. Thanks."

Name: Liz Jasmine

From: Philippines

Date: 10th July 2013

"Hi, really interested in having a forensic psychology degree."

Name: Rachel Kovara

From: United States

Date: 9th July 2013

"I'm going back to school and start up in August and I'm super excited. I want to get into forensic Psychology so bad. But, I was told to have Criminal Justice first and then to get into the Forensic part of it. I know I will be going to school for along time but I think it's so worth it. I love Forensics and much more. I can actually say that I love my job when I get to that point. I'm super excited."

Name: Jenna Lee

From: United States

Date: 13th March 2013

"I am really interested in a career in being a criminal profiler. Thanks, this is helpful for me to figure everything out."

Name: Alizée Renard

From: Belgium

Date: 12th March 2013

"Thank you! Your site helped me so much for an essay I had to do! Great site!"

Name: Sophie Razo

From: United States

Date: 30th January 2013

"Thank you, great site!"

Name: Walter Okello

From: Uganda

Date: 29th January 2013

"I am very glad to know about forensic psychology, if it were possible, I would study this course. Right now I am studying a bachelors degree in social work and social psychology."

Name: Sarah Hyde

From: United Kingdom

Date: 25th January 2013

"I find the information on this site very helpful and interesting."

Name: McKayla Morey

From: United States

Date: 28th November 2012

"This is a very good site with lots of great information!"

Name: Jano Ramos

From: Peru

Date: 20th October 2012

"Greetings from Peru. Really helpful website!"

Name: Hanna Marie Daño

From: Philippines

Date: 16th October 2012

"Hi! I just graduated from a state university and had a job as HR clerk but I didn't find it satisfying. I'm just scanning through stuff that may fascinate me and forensic psychology is one."

Name: Patrick Rankine

From: United States

Date: 25th September 2012

"Just found the site, been viewing it for hours. Lots of pertinent information, I appreciate your hard work in getting it up and running. I am enrolled in a Forensic Masters program. Truly like the APA tips in documenting references."

Name: Susanne White

From: United States

Date: 24th September 2012

"Informative and helpful in my research on forensic psychology."

Name: Stephanie McSporran

From: United Kingdom

Date: 3rd September 2012

"Great eye opener on what I want to do"

Name: Julie Hollander

From: United States

Date: 29th August 2012

"Thanks, I have found so much info among these pages to help get through my Forensic classes."

Name: Helen Gallagher

From: United Kingdom

Date: 26th July 2012

"Firstly, many thanks for having a website like this. I am currently in Year 9 in the United Kingdom, and have recently come to get a pretty clear idea of what I'd like to do in the future. Forensic psychologist, criminal psychologist, something along those lines. I know it's a long shot but I'm prepared to take on whatever there is to do, I think. So a website like this takes a little of the burden off, and it gives me a better idea of what there really is to all of it. I come here once a day and tell myself to learn something new about the job, and make it easier for me in the future. So thank you very much, this is a real life saver.

Name: Bekah Christman

From: United States

Date: 23rd July 2012

"Thank you for all this detailed information. Im looking forward to reading every forensic psychology ebook." I downloaded all of them! Again, thank you.

Name: Susan Bean

From: United States

Date: 2nd July 2012

"I just love the site, and the information provided is exceptional! I just love this subject!"

Name: Jark Parmsley

From: United States

Date: 2nd June 2012

"This site is really helpful as a forensic psychology career starter!"

Name: Chelsee King

From: United States

Date: 1st May 2012

"This website really helped me to determine what I exactly want to do in this field!"

Name: Saraphina Paulus

From: Namibia

Date: 1st May 2012

"Hi, I had trouble deciding what to study after high school, but I know for sure now and it's all thanks to you."

Name: Cindy Loza

From: United States

Date: 26th April 2012

"This website is great :)"

Name: Rebekah Aylewood

From: United Kingdom

Date: 26th April 2012

"Website was a massive help."

Name: Isabel Martinez

From: Puerto Rico

Date: 10th April 2012

"Es muy buena informacion! Muchas gracias!"

Name: Videsh Dev

From: Trinidad and Tobago

Date: 20th March 2012

"As an individual in the criminology field, I find this website very useful, and interesting. Good job, keep it up and thanks."

Name: Jessalynn Buenavides

From: Philippines

Date: 22nd February 2012

"I am very interested in Forensic Psychology. I just don't know how and where to start here in my homeland. But this site helps a lot. Keep it up."

Name: Amy Quartermaine

From: Australia

Date: 17th February 2012

"This website is amazing! I'm planning on studying forensic psychology at university :)"

Name: Melike Tuğçe Koç

From: Turkey

Date: 15th January 2012

"I am a psychology student who is interested in forensic psychology but do not have information deeply. This website is really useful and helped me so much. Thank you!"

Name: Stephanie Overton

From: United States

Date: 8th January 2012

"I have actually been visiting this site for about four years, it has helped me through my Masters program and is curretly helping me through my PhD. I have found this site has a great deal to offer and also links to sites that are helpful. Thank you."

Name: Leale Vallejo

From: Philippines

Date: 21st December 2011

"Keep up the great work!"

Name: Danielle Mense

From: United States

Date: 6th December 2011

"Used this website for my term paper...GREAT!"

Name: Selina Showard

From: United States

Date: 20th November 2011

"Happy to have found this site, it has been very informative"

Name: Dr. Michael Iles

From: Brazil

Date: 19th November 2011

"An excellent source for relevant resource material. Keep up the good work."

Name: Chris Richardson

From: Australia

Date: 15th November 2011

"As a forensic psych in Australia and having worked in the industry since before it became popular, you know the days when those that be were debating whether there would ever be an interface between psychology and the law. This is an awesome resource. One which I would have regularly accessed with much gratitude. Well done, I will be following this one from afar."

Name: Emmanuel Nonyelu

From: Nigeria

Date: 12th November 2011

"I am so happy seeing a site like this, a site that gives you information on what this enviable profession is all about. I read psychology in NNAMDI AZIKIWE university. Now searching for where to do my MSc forensic psychology degree."

Name: Idowu Omisile

From: Nigeria

Date: 25th October 2011

"I'm glad to have come here. I'm a student of psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria"

Name: Lucy Cronly

From: Ireland

Date: 25th October 2011

"A great resource. Thanks"

Name: Dick Grob

From: Netherlands

Date: 7th October 2011

"I am glad that I have fond this site. I am a psychotherapist and I am working with forensic outpatients."

Name: Irna Minauli

From: Indonesia

Date: 19th September 2011

"I like your site. It is very informative and useful. I can use it for my students. I am a psychologist who dealt with a Forensic Psychologist. Thank you for your insightful articles."

Name: Sandra Vitancol

From: Philippines

Date: 19th September 2011

"I want to take forensic psychology for my master's degree next year."

Name: Anna Bressan

From: United Kingdom

Date: 10th September 2011

"I have been tasked with lecturing a module for the BTEC in Forensic Science in Forensic Psychology. I cannot thank you enough for such an informative and well designed website as it has been of insurmountable assistance to me in preparation of my lectures."


Hi Anna, many thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. You might also want to check out the All About Forensic Science website too. See following link.

Forensic Science Website.

Wishing you all the very best with the lecturing.

Name: Rachel Cowart

From: United States

Date: 23rd August 2011

"I really love the field of forensics; it's always fascinated me. I want to work in the forensics field; I love all the books: I have them on my kindle for PC! Thanks for all the wonderful information and insight!"

Name: Linda La Salle

From: United States

Date: 13th August 2011

"I Am enjoying this site and its links!"

Name: Oana Neaga

From: Romania

Date: 26th July 2011

"Your website helped me find a master program in Forensic Psychology suited for me, thank you very much!"

Name: Diamond Hopkins

From: United States

Date: 26th July 2011

"This was a very detailed wesite and I learned alot about FBI Profiling and about the different divisions, the information here answered many of my questions."

Name: Amanda Conti

From: United States

Date: 10th May 2011

"This website was extremely helpful for me. I am exploring which career path to take in psychology e.g., profiling, prison psychology etc. Thank you!"

Name: Bim Duka

From: Philippines

Date: 11th April 2011

"I am very interested in Forensic Psychology. I really want to study and learn about it."

Name: Clarisse Gapuz

From: Philippines

Date: 10th April 2011

"Love your website! I'm so into forensic psychology and I hope I'll be able to study it."

Name: Megan Johnson

From: United States

Date: 5th April 2011

"I'm interested in Forensic Psychology as a future career and I found a lot of good information and links on this website! Thanks!"

Name: Anna Green

From: United States

Date: 31st March 2011

"Hey I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this site! Thanks so much for creating it! I'm basically obsessed with profiling and forensics and I can find almost everything I want to read about on here, it's amazing."

Name: Tim

From: United States

Date: 31st March 2011

"Great site. I'm deciding whether at a late age I would like to switch careers to forensics (either science or psychology or behavioral analysis)."

Name: Dean Pepper

From: United States

Date: 28th March 2011

"Thank you for having such a great site. I visit here very often."

Name: Joshua Jones

From: United States

Date: 19th March 2011

"This site has helped me determine that I want to pursue Forensic Psychology for my graduate studies. Very informative."

Name: Varun Goyal

From: India

Date: 17th March 2011

"Thanks for giving us a common platform to share views and information about this profession, especially for a country like India where this profession has less exposure."

Name: Radela Suscano

From: Philippines

Date: 15th March 2011

"I am a graduate in psychology working as a school counselor but forensic psychology always fascinates me. Given a chance to study further, I would still consider forensic psychology because its my first interest. Thank you for providing this site. I hope to receive issues of your newsletter. More power!"

Name: Alexandra

From: Puerto Rico

Date: 13th March 2011

"I would love to be a forensic psychologist one day! I am very happy I came across this website. I am currently on my way to being one! Thanks."

Name: Rachel

From: United States

Date: 10th March 2011

"I am a freshman in high school, and I am doing a project on a career I am interested in. I chose forensic psychology, and thanks to your website I have been able to learn so much and be even more excited about becoming an FBI psychologist! THANK YOU!"

Name: Devashree Neurrkar

From: India

Date: 5th March 2011

"I am a psychotherapist and profiler now studying narcotics. This is an excellent site for novice and experts as well. Don't miss it."

Name: Tim O'toole

From: United Kingdom

Date: 4th March 2011

"Great site."

Name: Eric Freese

From: United States

Date: 1st March 2011

"This is a well informed and detailed site, it's fantastic. I am about 8 classes short of my Bachelors degree. Once I'm done, I plan on completing my Masters in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in NYC.

After a long career as a police officer and detective, I am very interested in the options Forensic Psychology offers. My goal is to work both side of the fence regarding the law, and persons with mental illness. Once again great site."

Name: Gracia Paguio

From: Philippines

Date: 25th February 2011

"Forensic psychology intrigues me so much that I want to be able to find a course offered here in our country and study it."

Name: Alina

From: United States

Date: 21st February 2011

"I love this topic. Its very interesting to me."

Name: Carlisshia Austin

From: United States

Date: 21st February 2011

"I want to be and FBI Profiler and this website seems like it can really help me."

Name: Dickson Asante

From: Ghana

Date: 21st February 2011

"I am very passionate about forensic psychology and I thank God so much for giving me the gift of this site."

Name: Lindsey English

From: United States

Date: 20th February 2011

"I love forensic psychology and Criminal Profiling especially fascinates me, mainly because of the Criminal Minds TV series. I am currently taking a Forensic Psych course for my bachelor's in Psychology and stumbled upon this website. Thanks for the extra information, it's all very interesting!"

Name: Nicholas Rivera

From: United States

Date: 9th February 2011

"This site is very beneficial to me as well. I'm using it as a supplement to my research for my Forensic Psychology Independent Study. Thanks for all your help!"

Name: Barbara R. Kirwin, Ph.D.

From: United States

Date: 21st January 2011

"Very informative website! As a forensic psychologist, professor of Forensic Science and author of The Mad, the Bad, and the Innocent: The Criminal Mind on Trial

I commend you for the service you are providing for young people who are interested in the field. You dispel the myths perpetrated by CSI, NCIS, etc. and open a window on the real world of forensics."

Name: Kelsey Laxton

From: United States

Date: 26th December 2010

"I am currently working towards my B.A. in Psychology and preparing to apply for graduate study to become a Clinical Psychologist with a concentration in Forensic Psychology or Psychology and Law. This site has helped me more than you know! It's the best compilation of resources and by far the most user friendly that I have found. Everything is easy to find, and that's so important when, as an undergraduate, you have little to no direction. It's definitely bookmarked on my favorites tab!

The only thing missing that I can possibly think of is information on research opportunities or internships as an undergrad who is preparing to enter the graduate field. (If you are so inclined to include this on the site.) Graduate programs are extremely competitive, especially in such a narrow field; information on how to get a step ahead would be quite useful.

Thanks so much!"

Name: Fangmo Brunel

From: Cameroon

Date: 26th December 2010

"I have found enough and interesting material to pursue my career. Many thanks."

Name: Ashleigh Benning

From: United States

Date: 23rd November 2010

"I was working on a project for my Junior Forensic class, on Psychiatry and Behavorial Science. I will admit that I am a major fan of the show Criminal Minds. My mind was set on being a profiler for the FBI and now knowing what I have to do in order to get there is a revelation. It is still my goal in life, and thanks to this website I got an A on the project. Thank you so much for all of your help in clarifying this area."

Name: Kelly

From: United Kingdom

Date: 22nd November 2010

"Great information =)"

Name: Sallyanne Remnant

From: United Kingdom

Date: 17th November 2010

"Hi, found this site looking for material that may be useful for me, whilst studying for my BA in Criminal Psychology. What a great find, I will be visiting loads!"

Name: Joana Victoria

From: Philippines

Date: 6th November 2010

"Now in my 3rd year, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology here in my home country - Philippines. I am interested in Forensic Psychology so much but I didn't know what to do in order to reach my goals step-by-step. I was thinking I will never have the chance to become a professional in this field but, this site gave me a deeper sense and lots of knowledge about it that it'll surely contribute to my decision-making in the near future. Thanks for this outstanding and helpful site!"

Name: Shamuel Hall

From: United States

Date: 4th November 2010

"Hello, I am an aspiring Forensic Psychologist at Doctoral Level (Psy.D). I am 18 years old and graduating with the class of 2011. I hope to learn alot in this field. This site is very helpful and is inclusive to the insight of the duties, actions, and conduct of a Forensic Psychologist."

Name: Amber

From: United States

Date: 24th October 2010

"I found this site to be very beneficial."

Name: Chance Porter

From: United States

Date: 22nd October 2010

"Really helped me out with my research report for school."

Name: Kunal Lagahte

From: India

Date: 21st October 2010

"This website is one of the best I have ever seen. As I am planing to be a forensic psychologist it hepls me a lot. Thank you"

Name: Colleen Kosbab

From: United States

Date: 20th October 2010

"Although I am just beginning to explore a career in the justice system, I found this website incredibly helpful. If I get the job I am interviewing for in a correctional facility, I will definitely return here and look at more books to purchase and resources as well. I am recommending it to my former supervisor (IRB Chair) at my alma mater for reference to her students in the JD-PhD program and forensic psychology track (I chose the neuropsychology track myself)."

Name: Cecilia Lawrence

From: United States

Date: 16th October 2010

"Hi thanks for this website I will be needing it all year for a school project!"

Name: Joanne Maclachlan

From: United Kingdom

Date: 13th October 2010

"I am very pleased to have found this website. Incredibly Interesting! I am currently conducting a study on False Confession & the available journals were no end of help. Thankyou! xx xx."

Name: M. Fitzgerald

From: Belgium

Date: 23rd September 2010

"Interested in your website and the topics, particularly personality disorders, fascinating stuff."

Name: Ashley Morrow

From: United States

Date: 14th September 2010

"This site is very informative. I love it."

Name: James Smith

From: United States

Date: 12th September 2010

"I'm really interested in Criminal Profiling"

Name: David Yearnshire

From: United Kingdom

Date: 6th September 2010

"What a wonderful site! It is so packed with information and links."

Name: Rachel

From: United States

Date: 22nd August 2010

"Hi, I am currently getting my undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy with minors in forensic science and sociology. I hope to get my Ph.D in forensic psychology and follow my dream of working for the ISU of the FBI. This site is really wonderful to read through. Thank you."

Name: Sergio I. Martinez

From: United States

Date: 21st August 2010

"Will visit this website again. Thank you."

Name: Franklin Nwaudo

From: Nigeria

Date: 20th August 2010

"This website is loaded with information. I am a graduate of psychology and I intend to major in forensic psychology but unfortunately no university offers it in Nigeria so I am looking for a scholarship to study abroad."

Name: Sofia

From: Argentina

Date: 17th August 2010

"Thank you very much! All the information really helped me."

Name: Dhezerie Magsino

From: Philippines

Date: 12th August 2010

"Your web page is very helpful to people who want to explore forensic Psychology. It keeps me interested."

Name: Alpha Marilag Agnis

From: Philippines

Date: 5th August 2010

"I'm fascinated by forensic psychology."

Name: Linda Burris

From: United States

Date: 24th July 2010

"I am a law enforcement/forensic psychology major at Argosy University. I wish to thank you for all the wonderful information you have provided. This will help me greatly with the thesis paper I am writing about criminal psychology and how forensics works. Again, thank you. "

Name: Sune Knipe

From: South Africa

Date: 21st July 2010

"Hi there. I stumbled across your site while looking for a job. It would be great to be able to find jobs in SA on your site, or maybe you could post a list (or tell me where to find one) of possible places to start looking? I'm really struggling to get into this field in SA! Finished my basic degree in 2009 and still haven't found anything.

By the way, awesome site!"


Hi Sune. The following link will connect you with a network of websites which list psychology related job vacancies.

Psychology Jobs

Name: Stephen Limong

From: Philippines

Date: 17th July 2010

"Forensic Psychology is quite new here in the Philippines, or I guess people here haven't noticed its importance to our country. I think not even our government cares. But the organization of a new SAF called SOCO will hopefully give a boost to the new generation."

Name: Oyesola Taiwo

From: Nigeria

Date: 14th July 2010

"Keep up the good work."

Name: Liza Marie Wee Sit

From: Philippines

Date: 30th June 2010

"I am very interested in forensic psychology. Thanks for your site I am more motivated on achieving my goals."

Name: Ishom Gabriel

From: Nigeria

Date: 24th June 2010

"You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up and more grease to your elbows."

Name: Lesego Faith Langa

From: South Africa

Date: 9th June 2010

"It is very encouraging viewing a website like this one because in South Africa there isn't alot of information about forensic psych. As a second year student at Wits University I am planning to major in forensic psychology. Thank you for your insight."

Name: Poppy-Louise Murray

From: United Kingdom

Date: 3rd June 2010

"This site was loads of help. Thank you."

Name: Jess

From: United States

Date: 2nd June 2010

"Hello. I recently discovered your website. First, I'd like to express my gratitude to you for how all of the information has been organized. I find Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling fascinating subjects. I would love to study these subjects at the graduate level and your site is very informative. In fact, I haven't found a site that matches yours in terms of depth, information, links, and comprehensive treatment of the disciplines. Great job!"

Name: Katie

From: United Kingdom

Date: 29th May 2010

"This website has really helped me. Thank you."

Name: Amanda

From: United States

Date: 16th May 2010

"Thank you so much for creating this website. It is literally the most informative source that I have been fortunate to come across, and it no longer takes hours to search for related information. Thank you so much."

Name: Oyesola Taiwo

From: Nigeria

Date: 29th April 2010

"Thanks for the opportunity to develop my mind and enlarge my heart. THANKS"

Name: Dr. Fatema Palgharwala

From: India

Date: 19th April 2010

"India is fast growing and this website has motivated me enough to make it more big in the field that I chose so carefully."

Name: Holly

From: United States

Date: 15th April 2010

"I am currently a freshman at my high school, and for my research project we are supposed to dive into what we would like to major in for a particular college. Up until finding this site, the only thing I knew I wanted was to do something in psychology or law.

I had no idea that my perfect job was already out there waiting for me! So I just want to thank you in clearing up questions and really making me think about this field of study in a more clear and accurate way."

Name: Marleny

From: United States

Date: 9th April 2010

"I never really knew the title of the specific branch of psychology I wanted to do until I came across this site. Amazing website, I've learned so much in one day."

Name: Krystle Mielock

From: United States

Date: 6th April 2010

"I love this website! I found all the information I needed so easily! Thank you :)"

Name: Kristen Reagan

From: United States

Date: 5th April 2010

"Thank you so much for all the information. It really helped me better understand the world of profiling."

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(Kenneth Mills, Ph.D. Forensic Psychologist, Manila)

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"I have been taking classes at a local community college and am currently taking a psychology course. I have been working on an essay on "Forensic Psychology". I started taking classes this past summer and will be applying to the nursing program when the prerequesites are completed. Also, I have 3 children, 2 in college & 1 in high school. Your website is a wonderful source of information. Thank you."

Name: Phoebe Yao

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Date: 15th February 2010

"Hi, good day sir. Thanks for making this site. It is really helpful. I wish there was a forensic psychology program here in the Philippines. Some people say there are only few forensic psychologists who exist here in our country. But I don't know any of them. How I wish someone would bring a forensic psychology program here."

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Name: Kimmy Jean

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"Hi, I have my Bachelors degree in Psychology and I am looking into masters programs when I stumbled upon this site. The degree I believe I have decided on is actually a Masters in Criminal Justice in the area of forensic psychology/criminal behavior. I don't see much so far in reference to criminal justice degrees in the forensic psychology field on the site but I have only been digging around on here for a short time. So far the site looks great and I can't wait to read more!"


Hi Cortney

There are a couple of pages on the website dedicated to criminal justice degrees (see following links).

online criminal justice schools

criminal justice degrees

I also intend to develop a psychology of criminal justice section on the website so keep checking back for updates.

Name: Sue Childress

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Date: 1st February 2010

"I am thrilled to have accidentally come across your web site while doing research on jury selection! I am currently working on a BS in Criminology with an emphasis on Forensic Psychology. I can't wait to get the suggested books and start reading! This is true kismet that I found this site!"

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Thanks a Million,


P.S. The F.P toolbar is just too cool :)"

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Hi Meghan

I've posted your query on the forensic psychology Q & A page (see following link) and it will hopefully generate some useful replies.

Forensic Psychology Minor

Name: Dexter Matibag

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Hi Devashree

See following link for details of some excellent USA based forensic psychology doctoral programs.

Forensic Psychology Programs

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I am relieved to have found this website and look forward to the newsletters and thankyou for the 'laymans' defintion and references to help me comprehend the plethora of information that I am to learn in a short time.


Name: Brennie Yap

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Hi Brennie.

Make sure you check out our forensic website as well (see following link)

Forensic Science

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"I am a junior from Edison High School in Fresno, CA, I am very interested in different topics within psychology, such as clinical psychology, family psychology, and so on, but my main interest is forensic psychology."


Hi Carla

See following link to find out more about other psychology topics (clinical etc).

All About Psychology

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Very interesting with some great stuff for future studies.

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Hi She

We have a page dedicated to forensic accounting on our forensic science website. See following link.

forensic accounting

Name: Mark Sanders

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I’m a USC undergrad student hoping to be forensic worker someday. Still can’t decide if I should go for forensic psychologist or forensic scientist. I’m sure this site provides plenty of information that explains each thoroughly. Also, my writing class for the semester requires students to create blogs on open topics. And forensic psych is what I chose. So I will be referring to this site/the info you provided a lot. Thanks again


Hi Caroline. If you decide to go down the forensic scientist route, don't forget to check out my other website All About Forensic Science (see following link).

All About Forensic Science

Name: Priscilla Howe

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Date: 13th September 2009

Fantastic website. Really just got into this, I am a qualified counsellor from the UK looking at forensic psychotherapy. Very interesting, Thanks.

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I'm a senior at Saint Leo University and considering a change in my major now that I'm taking a Forensic Psychology class. Love it! This is a great website; it covers just about everything anyone would want to know about the subject.

Name: Alicia Coulombe

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I like so much this website. I'm in love of Forensic Psychology. I almost finish my degree in Psychology, so then I will study a masters or something like that! I would like so much you give me some information about what Universities in California, USA have this MA.

Thank you so much and congratulations about the webstite.


Hola Alicia

See following link to find out about Forensic Psychology Masters programs in California.

Forensic Psychology Degree Directory

Name: Rijo Ragh

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"Hi. I'm a student doing my MSc in clinical psychology currently in India and I always was interested in forensic psychology. This site had really helped me get a clearer idea about where I'm heading. Could you please mention what specific subjects you have to study while persuing a career in forensic psychology. Thanks alot!"


Hi Rijo

You should find the following link very useful.



The Study & Practice of Forensic Psychology

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Hi Sierra

Don't forget to check out the general psychology and forensic science websites too (see following links).


forensic science

Name: Zelnè Taljaard

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"Hi! I'm writing out of a very cold Bloemfontein! I'd love to study forensic psychology although I don't exactly know what this occupation is all about, it sounds real exiting! My mother is working for the SAPs, so I grew up in the justice system!"

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Hi Chelsea

Don't forget to check out the forensic psychology eBook page, especially the "Inside The Criminal Mind" collection. There are a couple of classic criminal profiling articles that you can download for free (see following link).

Forensic Psychology eBook Collection

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"Hi, I just would like to say that this is really a great site, however, as a forensic RN and dealing with the population on a daily basis some seem to loose their enthusiasm. It's difficult to realize that you may never be able to cure all and they remain in the system for a life time. Job security sure but its hard on you own mind."

Name: Shaikh Iqbalhusen

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Name: Kelsey

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"Hi Im Kelsey I'm 15 and would like to know exactly what you do when you're a forensic psychologist. I find this really interesting and would love to do this in the future."


Hi Kelsey

Have a look at the following link and check out the Forensic Psychology Careers UK Guidance section.

Forensic Psychology Careers

Name: Teresita Faure

From: USA

Date: 17th December 2008

"Hi and good luck. I am a retired police officer and while I did not work much in homicide but narcotics, it has always fascinated me. My daughter is in her 2nd year of college and is majoring forensic psychology particularly reconstructive psychology. Good Luck Steffi."

Name: Anuradha Palta

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Hi Anuradha

A question about forensic psychology in India was posted on the Forensic Psychology Q & A page (see following links). You should find the comments useful.

Forensic Psychology in India

Forensic Psychology in India Comments

Name: Nicole Joffrion

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"Thank you very much for this most informative website. I am a first year Psych major (at 36 years of age no less) with a minor in Criminal Justice. My final term paper for Intro to CJ this term is to write about a career in the Criminal Justice field that interests us. I chose to elaborate on Forensic Psychology and this website was truly the best. Thank you again, Nicole Joffrion, Dothan Alabama, Troy University."


Hi Nicole

As a Psych major you might also find the All About Psychology website useful.

All the best


Name: Tanya Rich

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"I have just started working on my Associates Degree in Psychology and was curious about this field. I am deeply considering pursuing a Degree in Forensic Psychology and am very impressed with all the knowledge and tools you had to help with my decision. Thank You. I am still unsure. I am debating between Psychology and Nursing. I feel though that psychology is more my area of interest and Forensic Psychology has really caught my interest."

Name: Diva

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Hi Frank,

If you're thinking of becoming a CSI you might want to take a look at my forensic science website (see following link). Forensic science history, topic areas, theory and practice, careers, debates, CSI, degree and study options are all covered in detail.

Forensic Science

Name: Jonathan

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"I'm a student currently studying a BTEC National Diploma in Forensic Science. I'm on my second year and one of the units covered is that of Forensic Psychology. Your site has proved invaluable for my unit so far. Nice to see a site written in plain English. Thanks for all the information"


Really pleased you've found the website useful Johnathan. You might also want to check out our forensic science website (see following link).

Forensic Science

Name: Robert Okuyat

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I'll be here frequently.



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"It's a great site so far. I have yet to explore all of it. However, I may be of a little help to your advid readers. Currently, I am a practicing "Forensic Psychologist." As an "expert witness" for the courts, I am getting paid $350.00 dollars an hour, and sometimes more depending on the case. Good luck to all who are considering it as a profession. Dr.B.."

Name: Diane Townsend

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Date: 15th April 2007

"This website has made my DAY!!! I'm starting my 3rd year in FP, and up to now I haven't found anything remotely as useful as your website!!! It has EVERYTHING I need and more!!!.Thank you!!!!"

Name: Taj

Date: 14th March 2007

"Awesome site, very helpful! Keep it up!"

Name: Saily Almaguer

From: USA

Date: 14th March 2007

"This web site is amazing,thanks for take the time to explain everything about this wonderful world "

Name: Ange

From: UK

Date: 22nd January 2007

"Thanks for an excellent site dedicated to forensic psychology. It has obviously taken time and effort and is such a wealth of information. Well done !!!"

Name: Brandae

From: USA

Date: 16th November 2006

"Thanks for the much needed help. Keep up the great work =)"

Name: Leigh

From: Canada

Date: 15th November 2006

"Kudos on the excellent website! It's by far the best web source for any undergrad flirting with the idea of forensic psychology. While I'm not persuing the particular area myself, I have recommended it to many people. Keep up the great work :)"

Name: Natasha Holt

From: UK

Date: 24th October 2006

"This site is very well layed out and VERY informative. I am extremely interested in pursuing a career in this topic, and will do as much as i can to exceed in it. Thankyou Tash"

Name: Penni

From: USA

Date: 1st October 2006

"I did enjoy your site very much and found it to be very informative. I hope to visit it more often as I get closer to graduating. I have to agree Hugo does have a great Mustache. Thanks for a great tool."

Name: Marci

From: South Africa

Date: 20th September 2006

"I am studying forensic psychology and I'll be visiting the site for some help. And would like to correspond with people studying FP or interested in the field!!"

Name: Rachael

From: UK

Date: 13th August 2006

"Hi - This is a really excellent site dedicated to Forensic Psychology, a really good resource for people interested in the area. I am a Forensic Psychologist, and am currently undertaking a Doctorate at Leeds University in Forensic Psychology, eyewitness memory. I will be logging onto this site in the future as a valuable resource. Well done. Rachael"

Name: Leanne

From: UK

Date: 24th June 2006

"Hi! I have to say how glad I am to have found this site, it has given me a great insight into something I'm going to begin to pursue next year, thank you!! The layout is very easy to use and you have included a great deal of information that is extremely helpful to me. I am looking into doing an Open University degree in Psychology and as I have always been interested in criminal minds and how they function, I have decided that forensic psychology is the way to go for me. Anyway, thank you so much for this fantastically insightful site! Leanne"

Name: Jodie

From: UK

Date: 13th June 2006

"just like 2 say thanks, i have been interested in forensic psychology for a while and could never get all the info. this website was just wot i needed"

Name: Eric Brock

From: USA

Date: 30th May 2006

"I would like to say thanks for creating this great source of information, and i hope to be joining the forensic psychology career world soon."

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