An Apology From A Sociopath?

Photo Credit: Marco Bellucci

Photo Credit: Marco Bellucci

I was the victim of a perp. that broke into a summer residence, and assaulted my wife at gun point 40 years ago. I chased and caught him after a violent confrontation. Over the past 40 years he has been investigated for one murder and suspected of others. Never indicted!

A number of years ago, I was quoted in a newpaper suggesting that he should be investigated for a number of homicides. (Female vics. young.) In one murder he was the prime suspect but wasn't indicted, although there was sufficent evidence. But the police/legal advisers dropped the ball! All evidence was destroyed!

He called my residence forty years later and when my wife answered he asked for me. She told him I wasn't home. He asked her if she was the girl that was assaulted and my wife wouldn't respond. So he said something to the effect that if she was he was sorry. And then told her he was mad at me! He then asked for me again and my wife told him that I'd be home around 5. He hung up but didn't call back.

I called him and asked why he was mad at me. And he said because of the article in the paper. He said he never was at a certain location but I know from a witness that he did frequent this place on business! (When he called he was dying.)

I know that there were a number of variables that would suggest the possibility that he had a sociopathic personaity disorder. I'm curious about the rationale for the call.

I have my own theory that the newspaper article while addressing a number of homicides was essentially concerned with one which he had never been investigated until I initiated the investigation and it upset him that I was instrumental in having the police investigate him for this specific homicide. (This was a horrendous homicide involving a young girl!) That he no longer had this "secret."

He never initiated any legal action against me and waited to make the call to our house some 7 years after this was in the paper and he was questioned. (And was dying!) And when he first called, he asked for me. One wonders if there would have been an apology to my wife if it was only me he spoke to.

Any input would be appreciated!

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