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Dec 16, 2017

Robert Resnick: Today in the History of Psychology (16th December 1940)

Robert Resnick was born. A pioneer in the study and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Resnick established one of the first ADHD clinics in the United States. Resnick is also renowned for his role as a passionate defender of professional practice within psychology; exemplified in 1977 when he acted as lead complainant in the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling recognizing psychology as both an autonomous profession and an economic competitor of psychiatry.

Robert Resnick was elected president of the American Psychological Association in 1995 and received the American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal for Life Achievement in the Practice of Psychology in 2009.

Dec 16, 2017

A Free & Comprehensive Forensic Psychology Resource

Introducing All-About-Forensic-Psychology.Com - A free and comprehensive forensic psychology resource.

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Dec 16, 2017

All About Forensic Psychology

A forensic psychology website designed to help anybody looking for detailed information and resources.

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Dec 15, 2017

G. Stanley Hall's Letter to Sigmund Freud: Today in the History of Psychology (15th December 1908)

G. Stanley Hall wrote to Sigmund Freud offering him 1,600 marks ($400) to speak at a conference convened to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Clark University. Freud declined Hall's invitation, however, when the conference was moved from June to September, Hall wrote to Freud again. The letter read:

My dear Sir:

On December 15th I had the honor of conveying an invitation of our board to you to be present as the celebration which we are planning for next June, which to our great regret you felt obliged to decline on December 29th.

Our situation has changed here in two important respects: first, we have received an addition to our financial budget, which enables us to increase our financial proposition to $750 (3,000 marks); and the date of our celebration has been changed from June to the week beginning September 6th.

In view of these two modifications of our programme, I venture to write you once more in the hope that you may be induced to spend a few days that week with us and give us a few informal lectures, and to allow us to bestow upon you an honorary degree.

I am, with great respect, very truly yours.

Freud accepted and on the 7th September 1909 delivered the first of five lectures at Clark University, during his one and only visit to the United States.

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Sigmund Freud

Dec 14, 2017

William James: Today in the History of Psychology (14th December 1891)

William James' book 'Psychology: Briefer Course' was published. An abridgment to his classic work the 'Principles of Psychology' James notes in the preface that the chief aim of the book was to make it more directly available for class-room use, stating that:

'For this purpose I have omitted several whole chapters and rewritten others. I have left out all the polemical and historical matter, all the metaphysical discussions and purely speculative passages, most of the quotations, all the book-references, and (I trust) all the impertinences, of the larger work, leaving to the teacher the choice of orally restoring as much of this material as may seem to him good, along with his own remarks on the topics successively studied.'

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William James

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Dec 13, 2017

Mortimer Mishkin: Today in the History of Psychology (13th December 1926)

Mortimer Mishkin was born. Chief of the Section on Cognitive Neuroscience in the Laboratory of Neuropsychology, U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, Mishkin is renowned for his groundbreaking work on understanding the functional organization of the primate brain; including the discovery of the role of the inferior temporal cortex in vision and the finding that the brain uses divergent pathways to process two different types of memory, cognitive memory (new information) and behavioral memory (skills & habits.)

Among his many career highlights, Mortimer Mishkin was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1984, received the American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award in 1985 and was presented with the prestigious National Medal of Science from President Barak Obama in a ceremony at the White House in November 2010.

Dec 12, 2017

Oliva M. Espin: Today in the History of Psychology (12th December 1938)

Oliva M. Espin was born. Professor Emerita in the Department of Women’s Studies at San Diego State University and the California School of Professional Psychology of Alliant International University, Dr. Espin is renowned for her pioneering contribution to the psychology of women and gender.

Among her numerous honors, Oliva M. Espin received the Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions in 1991 in recognition 'for her efforts to advance cross-cultural communication, gender issues, human sexuality, international awareness, and cultural factors as critical elements in the knowledge base of psychology.'

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Eminent Women in Psychology