Becoming Qualified in The USA as A Forensic Psychologist (International Student)

by Tori
(Lincoln Uni, UK)

Photo Credit: Ian Britton

Photo Credit: Ian Britton

I am currently in my first year of a BSc in Forensic Psychology at Lincoln University, UK.
The ultimate goal at the end of my education is the get a PhD in Forensic Psychology in the States where I would like to live and work.

I understand I have to become qualified, and licenced in the state which I intend to practice in. My dream is to live in Louisiana, and I am interested in the southern states, so to be licensed there or nearby (or several? is that possible?).

For example, can I do a masters in Illinois, and then a doctoratal programme in Louisiana and be able to become licenced there?

Is it easy to make the transfer from the UK education system to the States?

What is the best course of action I should take? I have found many courses dotted across the states but am keen to stick to the plan and get organising..time flies!!

Any advice would be very greatly received.

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