Criminal Minds

by Ashleigh
(Fernadina Beach, FL)

I'm 16 years old, since I was about 10 I had an interest. My parents worried because I instead of Disney, I watched T.V. shows such as 60 minutes, Cold Case, 48 Hours.

Recently I have been researching a career in Forensics, I thought maybe a Forensic pathologist or anthropologist. But what I really want is to get into the killers mind, to really see how they tick, to discover at what point in a child's life does the table turn and strike.

I want to be sure that this is really what I'm getting into.

What does the average Forensic Pychologist do?

Is it closley related to being a lawyer?

Please help, If I can't find my answer here I am going to contact someone in the field for insight to the profession.

Thank you,

Possible Forensic Psychologist Ashleigh.

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