Criminal Profiling and Forensic Psychology

by Ty

I am very interested in studying the field of forensic psychology and more specifically profiling. It is hard to find a school that has the appropriate curriculum for one hoping to either be a clinical forensic psychologist or be an expert in criminal profiling.

I was just hoping someone out there could tell me the best course of action for these goals as I am done with my first two years of school and need to find the most suitable undergraduate program to fulfill my future goals.

So, it would be great if I could get some input on the best schools for profiling within the field of forensic psychology; either undergraduate or graduate programs (there are few undergraduate forensic psychology degrees, so graduate will suit me just fine).

Also, if there is any other information that you think is useful and could be provided in order for me to continue my future in forensic psychology and criminal profiling, feel free to tell me what you know.

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