Criminal Profiling Report

by RS

Hi. I am currently working on a Computer Forensic report for my masters course that involves the topic of deductive detection. I wanted to get some expert opinion on some general questions that I had in mind:

1. What are some of the psychological reasons that drive a person or a group of people to resort to intentionally harming an individual or an organization?

2. From a behavioral standpoint, how can one differentiate between an intentional and an unintentional offender?

3. Is there a standard procedure to negotiate with individuals once their intention to sabotage an organization or hurt another individual is known?

4. How do the rules of behavior analysis change when a criminal/offender communicates through a medium (like email) that hides his non verbal actions like body language etc?

5. What are some of the common psychological factors considered by authorities in narrowing down the intent of the offender before sorting to any risk mitigation techniques?

Thanks for your help!

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