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Oct 07, 2008
Psychology degree
by: Martin

Is your question in relation to classes, grad schools or programs? I can tell you the steps I took for a Forensic Psych degree. I began by deciding on what type of field I wanted specialize in (court system, psychological testing, penal system, etc.) After finding a reputable Criminal Psych grad school, I began looking at specific classes that the school offered to get me into that field or at least the right direction. I wanted more of an emphasis on terrorism so I went to John Jay in New York, where my classes included the typical psych course (interviewing, personality assessment, criminal behavior, etc.) and then classes I wanted (psych of terrorism, psychopathic assessment, psychopathology, etc.) I was also offered the choice to either do a thesis or actual field work, which I chose, because experience in the field,to me, is more important than researhing experience in the field. So, in short, it really depends on your direction.

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