Criminal Record Question

Photo Credit: Karen Eliot

Photo Credit: Karen Eliot

Hello my name is Robert. All of my life I've had a passion for psychoanalysis and neuropsychology. I've always researched in my free time and even written down my own observations and theories in the form of short stories and poetry.

I am also an artist in multiple fields and have always had a subtle psychological approach to the creation of my music, paintings, and sketches. The concepts and theories that I wished to express I did so through art.

When I was 17 I got my highschool girlfriend pregnant. I dropped out and got my g.e.d. right away when I was 18. Our relationship failed and do to many stressers in my life I turned to drinking and traveling beginning to lose control. Though I have only been arrested for misdemeanors I was arrested often. I was charged with 2 duis, a possession of marijuana, and an assault.

I am now being presented, at 25, with the opportunity to go back to school and wish to persue a phd in psychology. my family is supporting me.

My question is whether or not it is possible for me to persue a successful career in forensic psychology with this record. my passion is psychology but I don't want to invest so much time in a financial dead end.

Sincerely, Robert

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