Forensic Psychologist Questions

by Sky Van Waveren
(Huntsville, AL, United States)

Hi, my name is Sky van Waveren and I am a high school student who is doing a project on the career I want to pursue. I am supposed to arrange an interview with someone in that career but have been having trouble finding a forensic psychologist in northern Alabama so I was wondering if someone could answer a few of my questions? It would be much appreciated.

1. What is your name and place of employment?

2. What education/training do you need?

3. Where would be a good place to gain this

4. How do you deal with your job emotionally?

5. What is in a typical day?

6. Is there any difference between criminal psychologists and forensic psychologists?

7. What are some common misconceptions about your job?

8. What is the most exciting part of your job?

9. Where in the U.S. would be best to find employment in this field?

10. In your opinion, what character traits make for the best forensic psychologist?

11. What do you think are some good traits for a forensic psychologist?

12. Where are some places you may be employed (hospitals, privet practice, etc.)?

13. Why did you become a forensic psychologist?

14.Would you change anything about your job? If so, what?

15. Do you work generally by yourself or with other departments or individuals? If so who?

16. Why did you want to become a forensic psychologist?

17. What would be an overall accurate job description?

18. Do you have any advice for a want-to-be forensic psychologist?

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