Forensic Psychology Career Switch

by Sushant
(United Arab Emirates)

Photo Credit: Unlucky Photography

Photo Credit: Unlucky Photography

Hi I am 25yrs old and I have just completed my MBA in HR (Human Resources). I'm working for an airline and I wish to make a career switch to MSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation however I have not done my Bachelors in Psychology (infact did it in HR)

Can I still switch to MSC in Forensic Psychology directly or do I have to start all over again to get a Bachelors in Psychology for 03 yrs and then do the MSC?

Can anyone recommend any universities in UK or US who accept students like me ?

After doing the MSC is it enough to get a job in this field or do I have to do a PHD or further studies/training ?

Hopeful Student

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