Forensic Psychology Degree Route

by Lydia

Photo Credit: Mr_Stein

Photo Credit: Mr_Stein

I am going back to finish my bachelors degree finally. My original was in criminal justice, now am looking at psychology. What I need to find out is this:

I am interested in getting my doctorate in forensic psychology, so that I can have a practice as well as assist the authorities in anything they may need, kind of want to work hand-in-hand with the police as well.

I need to find out how to go about getting to that point, mainly where do I start? I have credits for criminal justice that I would hate to lose, but will if needed. Do I start with BA in psychology, interest in criminal justice?...or do I go ahead and get my BA in criminal justice then move to masters in forensic psychology?

I need help! So confusing lol, oh and I need to go to an online school. Anyone that could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it!

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