Forensic Psychology: Where and How to Volunteer?

by Alicia

Photo Credit: Yuan2003

Photo Credit: Yuan2003

Hi, I'm studying Psychology and just wondering if anyone knows any places where you can volunteer to further knowledge within Forensic Psychology? Would be great if someone could me out! Thanks so much.

All About Forensic Psychology Reply

Hi Alicia, the following information is taken from the psychology student survival guide.

Building a portfolio of work experience is invaluable on so many levels, personal, educational, professional etc. As you progress as a student you may decide to pursue a particular psychological discipline e.g., forensic, educational, clinical etc. At this stage it would be worth seeking out related work experience i.e. a student interested in forensic psychology doing voluntary work in a prison. Listed below are some of the places psychology students may be able to gain work experience.

  • Charities

  • Care Homes

  • Welfare Agencies

  • Drug Action Teams

  • Youth Centers/Play Groups

  • Advice lines

  • Probation Service

  • Schools

  • Victim Support

  • Police & Prison Service

  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau

  • Special Hospitals

  • Homeless Refuges

  • Bail Hostels

  • Victim Support

  • Women’s Refuges

  • You can download the psychology student survival guide for free via the following link.

    Psychology Student Survival Guide

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