Help With A Novel I'm Writing

by Will Smith
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Photo Credit: Cliff1066

Photo Credit: Cliff1066

First, let me give a heart-felt thanks to anyone out there who might offer some assistance. I will really appreciate the help.

Question 1: Does anybody have any information about African Americans in Forensic Psychology, such as when did African Americans first appear in the field, are there any notables who have either been FBI Special Agents, or contracted with the FBI, etc.

Question: 2: Does anyone out there know of a retired FBI Agent (White or Black) who might be interested in "consulting" on the project. The genre is criminal investigation, crime and retribution, with an interesting twist. Those who know the story line think it has the makings of a great read. And I'd like some help with technical aspects of the book from someone who both understands and is sensitive to diversity in law enforcement and criminology. Direct FBI experience preferred. Thank You;

Will Smith

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