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Moving From The UK with Masters in Forensic Psychology

by Helen O'Connor
(Oxfordshire, England)

Photo Credit: Scazon

Photo Credit: Scazon


I am looking to move to Canada in the near future from the UK. I currently work in a prison facilitating offending behaviour programmes (Sex Offender Treatment Programme and Thinking Skills Programme).

I have a First class honours Psychology degree and a Masters in Forensic psychology as well as being trained in administering WASI and WAIS (IQ assessment tools).

I am wondering what parts of my education would be recognised in Canada as I am interested in working towards becoming a fully chartered Forensic Psychologist. I know that over here after completing my Masters I would need to get a Trainee Forensic Psychologist position and would work under supervision for around 3-4 years before become fully chartered.

What is the route in Canada?



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