Possession of Drugs For Sale

by Stephen M. Pittel, Ph.D.
(Berkeley, CA)

Dear Friends and colleagues –

I recently finished what I thought was the final draft of a paper on possession for sale.

It was accepted for publication in The Champion but the editor called to say that in New York and possibly other States, weight alone could be used to determine possession for sale.

As it turns out, New York repealed that section of the Rockefeller drug laws many years ago, but I am writing to learn if any of you are aware of other States that use weight alone – without any other indicia – as proof of intent to sell. Please let me know also if that is not the case in your State – I have only received information on 12 States, none of which have a set limit.

Please let me know as soon as you can so I can submit my final draft for publication. I will also be happy to send copies of the mss to anyone who requests it.

Thanks in advance


Stephen M. Pittel
2222 Derby Street
Berkeley, CA 94705
510-486-1895 Fax

P.S. The following States have responded - none has a statutory weight to infer intent to sell.
FL does have statutory weights for all illicit drugs.

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