Student Studying Forensic Psychology

Hello - my name is Malinda Peterson. I am a student at Walden University - studying forensic psychology. My educational applications at Walden request that we research information regarding the occupation we are pursuing.

I found your website and I am asking if anyone would be able to assist in answering a few questions that pertain to forensic psychology. The following questions pertain to my current weekly application project.

I appreciate any feedback, guidance or assistance provided.


What communication skills and technologies are used in the field of forensic psychology occupations?

How are social networking sites viewed in the job of forensic psychology? Are employees encouraged or discouraged from joining such sites? How does the company feel about employees having personal information online?

How are blogs, podcasts, and podcasts used in the job of a forensic psychologist? Are employees allowed to have their own blogs? Does the chief executive officer (CEO) have a blog to communicate company information to employees? Can employees access podcasts for training and for information about the company?

Thank you for all your help. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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