Forensic Psychology Experience

by Craig Martin
(Reston, VA, USA)

John Jay College

John Jay College

I recently graduated John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York with my MS in Forensic Psychology in June 2006. I knew I wanted a career in Psychology, just not in the penal system. While there I also studied and picked up a Masters level certificate in Terrorism Studies.

I performed my externship at the Institute of Forensic Psychology in New Jersey. It was a great experience as we tested large numbers of public safety officers, candidates, promotions, fitness for duty and various other law enforcement personnel for mental capacities that included the WAIS, psychosocial tests, MMPI, and a host of other batteries.

After Graduation, I began working for the Government. Forensic Psychology was my calling after 9/11 to understand criminal behaviors and influences in general. My favorite classes included the Psychology of Terrorism, Psychology of Criminal Behavior and Psychopathic Assessment. While I am not completely in a role that is fulfilling my dreams, I am taking the steps to be a Forensic Psychologist and fight Terrorism. More to come as I progress.

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