Psychopathic Behavior

by Luke
(South Africa)

Photo Credit: thewhitestdogalive

Photo Credit: thewhitestdogalive

All people whether good or evil have the same make-up and experience the gamut of emotional perceptions to a greater or lesser extent. The natural reaction for anyone who engaged in shameful acts is to look for an appropriate excuse when the acts have been exposed.


Are psychopathic sex offenders not inclined to rely on the plea of insanity merely to hide their own humiliation and shame in an attempt to placate the public and downplay their culpability?

In this regard the BTK KILLER is an outstanding example. Such heinous acts in my view are expressly violent in nature and deliberately incredulous that when the perpetrator is apprehended he revels in the glory of being perceived as inhuman and thus inculpable.

When profiling such individuals one must always ask the question what idiosyncratic fetishes is he trying to hide behind the bizar facts of the crime scene that may allude to his past.

Another question is what sort of image is he trying to create about himself in his own mind and as a matter after the fact .

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