Psychopathic Personality Disorder

(South Africa)

How does the psychopathic offender cope emotionally in a modern civilized society without unveiling or outwardly demonstrating the diabolical side of his character and often goes undetected for years on end?

What unsociable characteristics will he invariably display?

How does he portray his alter ego in daily life?

What is his rationale?

To my mind the premise for any investigation into the mind of such individuals must begin with these questions, the answers of which will invariably shed light on his level of sophistication, IQ, his standing in his community and in general his daily life .

When confronted with the blunt trauma of deeds perpetrated by such individuals the standard citizen is overwhelmed by a plethora of emotions.

How then is the psychopath seemingly capable of overriding this cognitive function of the brain that enables him a)to feel no revulsion or remorse on a personal level and b)to feel no mercy or sympathy for the victim.

The Answer:

For the average citizen to fit into and adapt to the contemporary bono mores, he has to take-up the rod of self-discipline and channel his sensual desires in accord with the acceptable norms of society, despite being barraged from a tender age with all excesses and perversions flaunted by the media. You have to pummel yourself.

The psychopath deliberately chooses a life of self-gratification uninhibited by social dictates and does not accept the burden and responsibility of self-discipline. Over time and from the earliest deviant actions he starts to deliberate and contemplate the moral dilemma of his actions that by the time his deeds reach maturity he has already placated his conscience to the degree that in this deranged and demented state of mind he has acquited himself of all moral accountability and proclaims his innocence unto himself.

How does he arrive at this conclusion?
The more incredulous his acts the less people will believe it or believe that he was the perpetrator or in any event that any sane person could have engaged in such acts.Thus if others wont believe it so shouldn't he.

Once this conclusion is formulated he spares no excesses as to what he may or may not do,being a law unto himself by himself. The more he gets away with the more he is vindicated. He furthermore defers blame onto the victim and as his own inherent revulsion for his deeds set in so the level of violence escalates on successive victims,reasoning that they are to blame for his actions and that he is the innocent party and the one deserving of pity, sympathy and love.

It is only after he is found out that the frailty of his emotions are clearly visible,that brazen boldness dissipating in light of the shear enormity of his deeds and the pure sanity is revealed seeking all avenues of justification and plea bargaining in an attempt to be exonerated. And so he or she is only human afterall.

This is an expose in an effort to try and understand and interpret these individuals and their actions. The factors one has to take into account are multiple and varied and it is my personal submission that only GOD fully knows and understands WHY and HOW such things come to be.

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