Ted Bundy Execution

(South Africa)

Photo Credit: spike55151

Photo Credit: spike55151

Did Ted Bundy deserve the Death Penalty? When I first read about his heinous deeds I was filled with absolute abhorrence for the man until years later, when I heard the heart-rendering story of his childhood that I was overwhelmed with pity.

I still consider him a symbol of the tragic irony of the society we have created.

What does a young boy ask more than the recognition and adoration of those he idolizes most in his life - his role models. I think society would have gained more from studying Mr.Bundy in an effort to remedy and eradicate this perpetual evil. Imagine the closure this would have provided the families. We amputated a limb instead of quarantining the virus.

Until such time that all evils are permanently done away with we all bear the responsibility of the its burden. That is the inescapable consequence of our insatiable Quest for the knowledge of GOOD and BAD.

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