Would You Have Recognized Ted Bundy?

(South Africa)

A suave, attractive, Caucasian male approaches you touches you on the shoulder and says ....' mam I just saw a pensioner bump into your car and damage the park lights, I can show you where he parked if you care to take his registration number.'

He accompanies you to a white Volksie Beetle parked in an isolated spot of the parking lot. The 'gentleman's' name is Ted Bundy. Would you have recognized him?

Nobody would have recognized Mr Bundy. The fact is personalities of his caliber are masters at concealing their true identity. An ambush predator, he carefully contrives his tactic to overcome his victims over esteemed notion of self confidence. These are not ghouls in overcoats, hiding in dungeons that only come out at night. No---they mingle with us on a daily basis, 'Dr Hyde & Mr Jekyll'.

Every 15 seconds a woman is beaten in the USA by someone that says he loves her, Scotland Yard attributes the leading cause of mortality among young woman directly to a partner. WHY?

I see satan rising in a pool of ignorance and predations of this kind abounding - young girls staying out late at night losing their inhibitions, woman having their senses and sensibility deceived by sweet and sappy soap operas, rendering them oblivious to the lethal contentions that sexual competition arouse in men. Exacerbating an already precarious situation, of an overly permissive society is the Net, pornography and the constant reminders to the fairer sex, of her equality with men. The stage is set for a gender War.

In this highly combustible environment men are increasingly finding themselves, being plunged headlong and unwittingly into an emotional maelstrom, that will thrust him in-and-out of a vicious chain of thoughts, premeditated anger and frustrations and unless he is capable of combating these surges and impulses, he will be rendered powerless to its machinations. These are some of the most brutal and cruelest emotions known to man. Something every man dreads. It is only after he finds himself in this state of mental lockdown that the complications manifest themselves in all kinds of anti-social behavior.

A case is to be had to educate and empower both men and woman of the potentially hazardous affair called 'relationships', knowing that the danger of landing in an 'emotional maelstrom' is real - their are things that woman need to know about men and things that men need to know about themselves. Every partner entering into a relationship must know that he & she has the necessary mental and emotional maturity to safeguard his & her own feelings and emotions during the relationship,without feeling the need to have to control the counterpart as a means to secure that much desired emotional security.

Every partner only has 50% control in the relationship and that is of his 50% share.

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